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December 2011
Former Arsenal,
Cambridge, West Brom and
England B full-back
We’ve seen the success of
black players on the pitch
from the late 60s and early
70s when there was that
explosion [of black players
playing in the professional
game]. But we haven’t
seen that transition from
being successful on the
field into the coaching and
managerial structures,
when their white
counterparts have.
That’s deterred a lot of
black players and many
have looked at it and
thought, ‘apart from being
players, football doesn’t
want us.’
What we want to see
is more coaches from
the BME community
coming into our coaching
structures, getting well
qualified and giving
themselves a chance within
the industry.
Football, for too long,
hasn’t attacked, or
addressed the issue of
under representation
within our coaching
structures. We hope that
the wider community will
now see what football is
trying to do and meet
that challenge.
Brendon Batson MBE
FA consultant
The list of black
footballers who
have contributed
significantly to
English football
history is extensive.
The number of
those who have
progressed into
coaching and
however has been
With the launch
a new
film that promotes
coaching as a career
for the black and
minority ethnic
community (BME
it is hoped this will
Coaches from across
the game enter the
Coaching Forum
discuss the issue.