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FA Regional Coach Development Manager
(5-11), Ian Bateman, offers advice for working
effectively with junior teams on match day
Match day often brings the best and worst out of football
coaches. Games provide coaches the opportunity to
support and encourage their players with aspects of the
game they have worked on in training. Unfortunately,
however, the emotions of the game can transform the
most collected of individuals into red-faced
touchline stompers.
Match day should be just another part of a player’s
learning journey; an opportunity to link the training and
games programme, with players testing, experimenting
and trying new skills, strategies and tactics. Match day
shouldn’t be seen as a one-off event detached from other
aspects of player learning.
FA National Coach, John Allpress, stressed these very
principles in his Match day preparation article (FA Insight
journal, Autumn 2010). Similarly, The FA’s Leadership
Through Football award provides a number of excellent
examples linking match day to The FA Four Corner Model.
The following article hopes to provide some more ideas for
coaches to add to their match day tool-box.
Be mindful not
to overload the
players with
instead use a
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